We all think we know what other people thought they were thinking about us.

Friday, July 28, 2006

understandering spam poetry manifestos

WHEREAS, spammers are the new media avant garde; and,

WHEREAS, spam poetry is the living incarnation of Dada; and,

WHEREAS, spammers use poetry to elude security filters, apparently for the goal of selling you penis enlargement pills and junk bonds; and,

WHEREAS, spammers are not trying to sell you something, but simply imposing their poetry on you; and,

WHEREAS, the human mind is capable of absurdity but not true randomness;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that spam poetry is left injecting slamming flickr flower sympathy;

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that spam poetry as the only pure form of understanderer groupthink.

Presenting: Spam Poetry Anthology

"Your future, millet-seed rash"

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mutation pressure party liner neighborhood house musica mensurata minute drops
multiple allelomorph neural shield night-shining oyster plant

nail hole old-field pine mischief-loving omander wood New world mix-up never-waning
old-field lark peacock ore mortgage bond
paint-washing much-sought Non-hinduized no-par paddle beam parrot disease muslin delaine organ builder milk train Oxford blue organ-grinder parti-colored Middle scots
pallial sinus onion couch Mid-july mis-seat oval-bodied
Pan-teutonism naked-flowered onglette file patio process

Mongolo-tatar paper-filled milk-and-watery novel maker narrow-skulled Non-latin padge owl
mountain parsley Newmarket coat peacock green
nine-tailed Non-archimedean papier-mache now-borne passage board mis-hit Middle indian mind-ravishing

"deniable fernery pig symbiosis ascribe carefree steamboat stearate vantage diluent gush bullock straw teapot briton nickel cluj risk conducive contingent hellgrammite bryant malawi"

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"Life, white-foot" (in cuplets)

me, Mr. Schuhart! Lots of people have offered to take me along, but they're
had wanted to emigrate, I had decided when was still in jail. I mean, what

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The Golden Ball only grants your deepest, innermost wishes, the kind that if
"It's the ore," Arthur said. "You know, it settled with time. The

of the )i. The name was sort of familiar, but who Whip was exactly, and what
much out of it."
Air Force insignia was very clear on the flattened metal. Redrick had not
empty stomach--it's dangerous to the health: one drink makes your arms and

rags over there? You're looking the wrong way! Over there, to the right."
terrible and pathetic. Red was playing the game, and he joined in, as he had

"Your Future: oil meal"

In view of your bravery beyond the call of duty, and as an exception,
stay here and learn on this level - which is quite a bit higher than the
search me, the toads, and I wasn't too crazy about the idea just then.
a bigday for him, a day whose sunrise he no longer remembered.
hasn't been overgrown with bramble yet. Forty yards. Where was he counting

"them. Pakistan"

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Ask Reference Techweb Computer
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County Library MCLS: Fiction Weekly York
accesses database.
Digital supported Intel
Financial Notes BOTTOM THIS
Classes Friends Genealogy Community
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ownership Center

"Your cash- pale-blooded"

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that the rescue squad had climbed into their helicopter, the firemen were
"At last you've got the idea," Chiang said, "but your control needs a
right. I just couldn't believe that a fellow like you...." He went on and on

"Socket delivery"

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Grave Essays Crisis Explodes LATEST NEWS

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